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A Message From Kevin Leonard, Chelmsford High School Varsity Coach 

If your reading this then you know I had the pleasure to meet several 8th grade hockey players at McCarthy Middle School. I wanted to high-light the storied traditions of CHS Lions hockey. I want to encourage our future hockey players to be excited to play for their town and experience the pride of playing Lions Hockey. My objective is to grow Chelmsford's High School Hockey Program and continue to build upon a solid foundation of home-grown skaters, who love to play hockey with friends. I have also encouraged skaters to sign up to play Chelmsford Middle School Hockey


Chelmsford Middle School Hockey (CMSH) offers skaters an opportunity to play now, bringing future high school skaters together, to experience a positive culture that promotes friendship, expands comradery all  while developing the principles of team work.  CMSH brings fiends together to play, to grow regardless where they current play whether it's "in town" or "club team".  CMSH, we play as LIONS! 

I am dedicated to the growth of our players, the sport and our program, I am offering families of 8th grade a reduced tuition of $250. Sign up before Sunday November 5th by midnight- save $125 off the regular price or $375.00. USE "COACHLEONARD" as my personal promo code when you sign up, applicable for 8th grade only. The SIGN ME UP TODAY button below will take you directly to the registration page.  

 Skaters will play one day a week (typically Sundays) with other Chelmsford friends from McCarthy Middle School. 

No Practices, just more ice time for your future CHS Lion.   

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