Lion Fanatics Fill The Stands With Fans! Winter Fundraiser 

Let's Fill the Stands With Fans! 

With winter sports starting up at CHS now is the perfect time to share your admiration for your favorite CHS athlete. We are offering all Lion Fanatics a chance to be present (in spirit anyway) at either the CHS Gymnasium or Chelmsford Forum. Our "Fan in the Stand" event is a perfect solution to show off your support for your athlete, while remaining safe at home this winter season.


We are excited to be offering individual Photo Cut-Outs to be placed throughout the CHS Gym OR Chelmsford Forum. You will never miss another game AND the perfect way to support your athlete when you can't be there!

Here is how it works, simply take a picture, from the waist up in your best fan wear showing off your support. Upload your high resolution photo below and we will do the rest. We will escort your image to your seat and secure you for the entire winter season for all home games. An image of you will be visible to athletes sitting courtside or along the boards behind the glass. Your photo will be digitally enhanced and printed on a 2'x3' weather resistant indoor-outdoor cutout made of rigid material. 

Proceeds  from this event support Chelmsford High School students and CHS Athletic Department. Fans in Stands will help provide critical funding for Athletic Scholarships, Varsity Jackets, Sports Awards and so much more.  

We must preserve a strong tradition for CHS athletes, especially our senior class who have already lost so much this year. 

General Admission Seating  for a "Fan In The Stand" cutouts cost $60.00. 

You select the venue, either CHS Gymnasium or The Chelmsford Forum.

We do the rest!  Pricing reduced deeply for orders of two or more. 

Every payment of $60 will cover the cost of a cutout for a CHS student

Let's fill the stands with fans! 

Around $6.00 A Game

To support your

favorite CHS athlete


Tips from the vendor: Keep hands and arms by your side or in front of you.  Hands above your head will make for a smaller visible image.  Wear a silly hat or maybe a favorite shirt or ugly sweater. Make the connection with your athlete.

Invite  siblings, grandparents and aunts &  uncles or  favorite pet

Only one person in a single cutout please.  

Are you ready to submit your high resolution image?

Clicking the button below "Let's Upload My Pic Now" will redirect users to our Booster Community File Sharing page.  Before you begin, you will be asked to create a member community "log in" using your email address.  Once your logged in you will have access to view/upload/download files.


After your perfect photo is submitted, click "Complete My Order" button below to send your image to print.  

All orders must be completed on or before January 20th to be considered timely for the next order.

If you need additional user support, please send an email with your name and cell phone number to