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Booster Fundraisers For High School Sports

Why are coaches, parents and teachers looking for booster fundraisers for high school sports teams? This isn't a problem only in Chelmsford. High school teams all over the country are looking for ways to raise funds. Athletics departments have had their budgets cut. This means it is up to booster clubs to make up the difference.

In this article we will discuss some fundraising event ideas. But first keep in mind that this is a chance for kids to learn. Participant empowerment can result from booster club fundraising. The club serves the needs of students, the administration, teachers, the athletic director, and coaches in the background as part of a larger picture. To determine the needs of the teams or clubs you are raising money for, it is always a good idea to visit with the management and the coaches, advisers, or teachers of those organizations.

Have a sale

You can sell anything to raise money at school. Teams have sold Krispy Kreme donoughts, Starbucks Coffee, Subway sandwhiches, gourmet popcorn, gift wrap, cookie dough and candy too. There are companies that specialize in working with school booster clubs. Product sales can help boosters raise funds.

Golf Tournaments

Chemsford hold several fundraising events. A very popular one is their Lions Open Golf tournament.

  • A single golfer can register for $165.

  • A group of four will only pay $600.

  • Ther are sponsorship opportunities.

  • Additionally they will have a gift basket raffle.

School Walk-a-thons

A walk-a-thon is a fantastic way to engage your community in the effort to support your school. Participants collect donations from their own supporters who agree to make a gift for each predetermined amount of miles they walk. If a supporter commits $5, for instance, and the participant walks two miles, the supporter will provide $10.

People can make donations to those who do engage in the walk-a-thon even if they choose not to take part themselves.

Why then do we think walkathons are some of the best booster club fundraisers? It is because they are very affordable, simple to prepare, and simple to engage in. A specified walking location, an effective marketing plan, and a means of collecting money are all you need for a walk-a-thon.

Shoe Drives

For any program or initiative at a school, shoe drives are a great way to earn money. Why? Since anyone can accomplish it! They provide businesses a quick and simple option to launch their fundraiser project.

There are collection companies that specialize in this. That along with the assistance of your neighborhood are all you need to conduct a shoe drive campaign.

The process is as follows:

  1. Become a member of a shoe drive fundraising organization..

  2. Together with your school fundraising coach, set goals and create a strategy.

  3. Spread the word about your event. Almost everyone has a pair of shoes, sneakers or boots they don't like to wear any more.

  4. To collect money for your booster club, ask members of the community and students at the school to contribute their shoes.

  5. Next schedule a pickup when the fundraising is over. Within 48 hours, your check is usually in the mail.

Sell T-Shirts

When your club is in a bind, t-shirt fundraising is a simple solution. Online t-shirt creation for your child's team is free, and each shirt sold can help you generate funds. Simply take a picture of the shirts and start getting orders.

If you're confident that you can sell a lot of t-shirts, with nearby companies and create long-lasting community alliances that will help your organization. Work with them to create a T-shirt design, then purchase a large number at a discount.

Keep track of your buyers and repeat next year with an updated shirt style and logo.

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