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Our purpose is to provide additional resources to CHS athletic department, teams and student athletes in the form of funding for activities which are  generally outside the school's purview. Supporters of Chelmsford athletics are critically important and allows opportunities to access resources used to improve athletic accomplishments and provide CHS students an exceptional high school experience. 


Chelmsford High School All Sports Booster Club provides financial resources for the athletic department for ALL team and student athletic awards. Moreover, Chelmsford Boosters provide grants to CHS athletics, teams and student athletes for athletic equipment, athletic apparel, field and facility improvements, including covering travel expense for tournaments and camps.  


Chelmsford High School All Sports Booster Club, hosts an annual senior awards and scholarship dinner for athletes and their families. CHSASBC grants tens of thousands of dollars in athletic booster scholarships to CHS seniors. CHSASB promotes fan participation at CHS sporting events and supports financially, all CHS student section when needed.


Our team funding model is participation based, when you sign up to support Chelmsford Athletic Boosters your support directly impacts your athlete's team, proceeds are reserved for their specific team funding account.


Coaches (and students) have access to their funding account throughout the year and are welcomed to request a grant when needed.  We encourage parents and coaches to advocate for your team's by attending monthly club meetings and formally make a request for consideration. Lastly, the benefit of this model reduces the burden on families for additional team fundraising.  


Another benefit of participating as an Chelmsford Athletic Supporter includes game day passes, eliminating cash for gate entry and online fees. Supporters stress free entry into home sporting events, at CHS gymnasium, Simonian Stadium and Chelmsford Forum, including both boys and girls hockey.  Your 2024/2025 passes will be available later this fall at the CHS stadium snack shack. Your support will include a free gift from Chelmsford Athletics.  



  • Passes may not be used for entry at AWAY games

  • Passes may not be used for entry at MIAA events, including playoffs, tournaments, and Thanksgiving Day Games 

  • Membership expires annually and valid only until June 30 each year 

  • CHS Athletic Department reserves the right to revoke use of your passes at anytime

  • Passes can be earned by volunteering for Chelmsford Boosters

Still have questions or concerns on memberships,

no problem, contact us at

We are cheering for you, join Chelmsford Booster Club today! 
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