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Membership Options 

VIP Memberships are designed to promote full family participation. On average a family of 4 attending a varsity sporting event costs around $28 dollars to attend a single game. VIP Membership Cards can save you over $200 in gate fees throughout the school year. VIP membership includes two adult passes and two student passes for every CHS home game. Percentage of proceeds goes directly to team funding account [new for 2021]. In school season price for VIP is $180 a year. Order today and save $30 with promo code. 

Other benefits of Booster VIP membership cards include real cash savings with our corporate sponsors when you show your VIP Booster card. 


Enjoy your very own "Property of Chelmsford Lions" tee shirt and Booster Lions window decal to show of your team pride [while supplies last].
VIP Membership is annual and valid until June 30, 2022 
Save 30 dollars off [$180] with Promo Code "Summer2021" before it expires soon. 
MVP Membership is ideal for CHS alumni, Lion fanatics and supporters of student athletes. 
MVP membership is a card-less, no frill membership and intended to be an affordable option compared to our VIP Membership but a critically important component for supporting student athletes.
MVP Member contributions provide a direct lifeline to our Athletic Scholarships.

MVP members enjoy "Property of Chelmsford Lions"  tee shirt and Booster Lions window decal to display your team pride. MVP member names will be listed in our newsletter, on print material, and other booster media promotions. 
MVP Membership is a super affordable $8 a month subscription. 
Membership Participation is critical and both money & time is equally valuable for our organization. If you cannot afford a Booster Membership but would like to earn membership status and are are willing to provide time in the form of volunteer hours, we can provide opportunities hours in lieu of payment. Ask about volunteer hours that may earn a membership/certificate of good standing and satisfy the requirement needed for a student to apply for an athletic scholarship. Certain restrictions may apply, not everyone is eligible and a letter of hardship maybe required. 
Corporate Sponsors